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About group

Otmuchów Logistyka Spółka z o.o. is a logistic operator providing logistic services for the companies in Grupa Kapitałowa Otmuchów S.A. as well as for external clients. 


Based on many years of experience we transport goods in full trucks and partial trucks on domestic and international routes, we provide comprehensive services on all European markets, with particular focus on Germany, France and Italy regarding:

  • the transportation of neutral goods,
  • the transportation of cooling cargo requiring a controlled temperature,
  • the transportation of express shipments,
  • the transportation of oversized goods.


Long years of operation allowed us to gain experience in the field of widely understood logistics, efficient organization as well as skillful use of the most advanced strategies of operation – all this allows us to provide top-quality storage services.

One of our greatest strengths is a highly qualified personnel with many years of experience. We execute several thousand orders per month, to the majority of trading networks, hypermarkets and supermarkets as well as wholesale stores in Poland and abroad. The scope of our storage services includes:

  • comprehensive unloading/loading services;
  • quantitative and qualitative control of goods when unloading;
  • short-term and long-term storage of goods,
  • order picking
  • packaging
  • quantitative and qualitative control of goods in the storage process
  • laminating, labeling, protecting shipments for transportation purposes
  • handling returns, complaints
  • loading homogenous, mixed pallets, single boxes;
  • loading/unloading containers,
  • transshipments,
  • conducting inventory-taking works regarding the entrusted goods according to instructions and arrangements from the client.


Return packaging management is an extremely important element of the activities of each company. An ineffective pallet management policy may lead to a significant increase in production costs contradicting the optimization of conducted business activities.

The scope of our services includes:

  • Settling current packaging trading
  • Identification of packaging balances with clients
  • Periodical training for employees regarding pallet identification
  • Conducting or supervising annual inventory-taking


We have acquired various experience in co-packing for many years based on the production departments and products of the mother company. This resulted in the development of an independent co-packing department at the end of 2014.

Our co-packing services include:

  • packing and repacking of goods in retail packaging or in collective packages,
  • attaching free items to goods,
  • labeling,
  • packing ready-made sets onto pallets,
  • labeling as well as marking finished goods,
  • packed in heat-shrinkable foils,
  • gluing boxes, displays, folding leaflets, sticking instructions etc.,
  • packing goods for promotional purposes (display, duopack, gift sets, Christmas sets, multi-packs etc.)


We are building a positive image of our company through the continuous improvement of effective and positive communication with the client. This fosters good understanding, a positive atmosphere and coping with difficult situations.

The scope of our services includes:

  • accepting and confirming orders,
  • maintaining relations with the client,
  • an internal preparation of the order,
  • invoicing and handling payments,
  • receiving possible complaints or returns.


We have received Gepardy Biznesu 2014 award. To read more about the award, go to: http://businessnow.pl/ 

To learn more about the company, please visit: www.ologistyka.pl

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  • ODRA
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