About group

About group

We are one of the leading Polish producers of sweets, including chocolate candies, halva, marshmallow, hard and filled candies gummies, bars and salty snacks.

We own two main brands: ODRA and FREEYU. The first one is a brand with over 70 years of tradition. Under the brand ODRA we can find such popular products as: halva, Duetki (marshmallow and jelly in chocolate), marshmallows and jelly in chocolate "Opolanki". 

FREEYU is in turn a brand that responds to modern consumer trends, under which we find healthy snacks and functional products such as: fruit bars, fruit and vegetable bars, fruit and cereal bars and protein bars.

The Otmuchów Group's offer also includes comprehensive product solutions in the area of ​​private label and B2B. Our products appear, among others, in the largest domestic and international retail chains. The Group is also a partner in the development of innovative products for large corporations with an international reach, including pharmaceutical companies.

Strategic objective of the Otmuchów Group is the continuous development of ODRA and FREEYU brands, as well as an increase in sales in the private label and B2B sector, both in Poland and on export markets. It is particularly important to expand the portfolio with innovative products and to adapt the product offer to new nutritional trends and dynamically changing consumer needs.




  • Sweets, jellies, marshmallows
  • Bars
  • Private Label
  • B2B



  • Sweets, chocolate candies
  • Halva
  • Candies
  • Sesame snaps
  • Dragees
  • Private Label
  • B2B

Our brands

  • ODRA
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