Investor relations

Investor relations

A good neighborhood and support for the needy

We believe in the rule of a good neighborhood, which is why we want Otmuchów SA and other companies in the Group to be an important part of the local community. This is why we place emphasis on supporting initiatives significant to the community.
We actively support Food Banks, schools and other institutions working to the benefit of the community. We encourage our employees to do the same.
Because of the profile of our business, we put significant emphasis on helping Food Banks. We believe them to be a valuable initiative with high social significance.

Respect for employees and partners

The Otmuchów Group is an employer who provides employment to several hundred workers. We believe that it is worth investing in staff development. We want to provide our employees not only with a decent salary, but also a sense of security and a good atmosphere at work. We believe that investments in staff development and motivation directly translate to the quality of our products, safety of the manufacturing process, as well as financial results and value of the entire Group.

Corporate governance and region leader

Since the year 2010 Otmuchów SA is a company listed at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Thanks to the stock exchange we have acquired the funds necessary for development, and the status of a publicly traded company also increases our prestige and reliability in the eyes of partners all over the world.
We pay significant attention to fulfilling our informational obligations and other responsibilities associated with being listed at the WSE. We are aware that we are being entrusted with funds not only from important financial investments, but also individual investors. We provide them with full information regarding our financial results, strategy and market status. We try to apply good practices of WSE listed companies to the broadest possible extent.
It should be emphasized, that we are currently the largest WSE listed company in the Opolskie province in terms of revenue and operating profit values (according to the Investor Zone ranking for 2015). The position of regional leader confirms the significance of our company and is yet another obligation towards local communities.

Responsibility towards consumers and the production process

Otmuchów products have always been associated with quality and good taste. We also attach great importance to the health and nutritional values of our products – which in particular applies to those dedicated to our youngest consumers.
The key issues for us are associated with the safety of the production process and of our products.
This is why all our products meet the European Union’s sanitary and quality requirements and objectives are carried out based on international norms and the highest standards, including:
- Good Manufacturing and Hygiene Practices (GMP and GHP),
- BRC Standard

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