Investor relations

Investor relations

The development of the Capital Group will be carried out by intensifying activities in the following areas:


Development of own producer brands


In line with the adopted strategy, the Group has undertaken a number of activities aimed at multidimensional development of the Odra brand. For this purpose, a consistent brand architecture has been developed, its competences and positioning have been defined. The prepared communication platform based on the slogan: "Best Together" communicates the brand and products in a new version of packaging and with the newly introduced Odra logo. The "Original since 1946" brand positioning feature was added to the logotype, the intention of which is to emphasize the tradition, history and quality unchanged for years, as well as return to the brand symbol, ie "Anchor", which has been present in the logotype for over 55 years. In 2018, the FreeYFu brand concept was also developed. FreeYu is a brand that responds to trends and consumer needs. It is aimed at conscious people who are active in every area of ​​life, and want something new, tasty and healthy at the same time. In line with the marketing plans, the brand is also directed to people who crave freedom, because it is a guide to achieving well-being, willingness to act and achieving goals. Freedom expressed in life choices, including choices of ingredients, products, etc., is the taste of life. This brand philosophy became the starting point for building a communication platform "Hungry for Freedom" with a supporting slogan "Taste life the way you like". The FreeYu brand is an alternative to classic sweets. These are primarily vegetable and fruit, fruit and cereal, and protein bars. which, as part of its competence, includes products in the rupee bars and breakfast products. In 2019, further development of the brand is planned in terms of the product offer, communication and distribution construction.


Maintaining the important role of business in the area of ​​B2B and private label sales, in particular, the organic development of cooperation with key clients in Poland and abroad


As part of the existing cooperation in the field of private label and B2B sales, the Group has developed the opinion of a reliable business partner. The intention of the Group is to constantly develop cooperation with existing contractors and attract new customers. In the opinion of the Company, the implementation of this goal will affect the organic development of the Group and thus increase revenues. The joint development carried out by the Group together with its customers, including retail chains, will allow both parties to increase their ability to compete with the world's best-known manufacturers. Due to the Group's technological facilities and experience in the production process, the Group, together with its customers, will strive to continuously improve the quality of the offered products in the area of ​​private labels, which should bring tangible benefits to both parties, thus tightening the existing cooperation. Along with the increase in quality and the variety of offered products, the Group will have a greater share in the development of product categories managed by customers.


Improving profitability through the development of sales and export channels


In order to increase sales and profitability of operations, the Group intends to develop exports by extending the scope of cooperation with existing customers, as well as diversify sales channels by acquiring new markets and customers in this area. The development of exports will take place at the level of distribution development due to the delivery of products to appropriate markets depending on the needs and trends prevailing in them, and due to the increase in the level of customer service. The second factor influencing the development of exports is the expansion of the product range to meet the expectations of consumers in given regions and countries. The Group will achieve credibility on foreign markets thanks to participation in the most important trade fairs all over the world and obtaining appropriate certifications corresponding to the needs of specific markets.


Investments in the development of existing technologies and acquiring new ones in order to develop the offer with products corresponding to the current and future consumer trends

Thanks to the development of its technologies and the implementation of new solutions, the Group plans to continue to adapt its offer to the changing market environment and consumer trends. In recent years, the Group has invested in the modernization of its machinery and equipment and has purchased new technologies. Currently, the Group plans to increase the automation of production as well as to invest in new production lines. The investment will be carried out i.a. from funds obtained from the issue of new shares. Technological development will bring tangible benefits in the development of the products offered so far and will allow the introduction of new product lines.


Regardless of the development areas indicated above, the Issuer's Management Board constantly analyzes the external environment and the conditions of its activity, including the resources held, in terms of their most effective involvement.

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