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As one of the largest Polish private label manufacturers in the confectionery and salty snacks sector, we have many years of experience and extensive know-how, thanks to which we are able to offer the best solutions to meet our Customers expectations. 


In our four factories, we can produce a wide range of jellies under our own brands, both for the mass market and highly specialised - pharmaceutical - as well as bars, halves, marshamallows or salty snacks. We have a large production capacity at our disposal, which, combined with flexibility, high quality and safety standards, guarantee that products and services are manufactured and delivered at the highest professional level. We will be happy to provide you with answers, prepare an offer and sit down at the table to create products that meet your wishes and ultimately, your customers expectations.  

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We offer over 100 jelly shapes in a variety of colours and flavours. We can produce versions for vegans and vegetarians. We are happy to develop new shapes on Customers request.

The weight range per jelly is 2.8g - 20g. We offer a wide range of packaging components: bags, jars, doypacks and tubes. Find out more at:

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We have extensive know-how in the production of highly specialised pharmaceutical jellies. For our Customers, we develop the complete jelly concept as requested and deliver it as a finished product. We keep up with market trends and respond immediately to them.

We produce jellies on both gelatine and starch bases. For both bases, we can develop sugar and sugar-free jellies. We improve our jellies with vitamin additives, plant extracts and juices. We offer a wide range of packaging components: bags and jars, transparent and coloured.                                     

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We offer a wide range of bars from classic, indulgent chocolate bars in a variety of flavours, muesli bars with different toppings, fruit bars, vegetable bars, protein bars to bars made up of just a few ingredients and containing only 100 kcal.

We can produce sugar-free, vegan bars in a variety of shapes and packaging.

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100kcal bars
Protein bars
Chocolate bars with 70% cacao
Fruit and vegetable bars
Muesli bars

We offer salty snacks in more classic versions, such as potato crisps, as well as more sophisticated and healthy options, such as quinoa and lentil-based multigrain snacks. The flavours are developed together with the customer according to his wishes.            

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Multigrain snacks with quinoa
Multigrain snacks with lentil

Halva is one of our oldest and most famous sweets. For our customers we can prepare classic halva in popular flavours: vanilla or cocoa, but also with additives according to the customer's wishes. Please feel welcome to contact us.                                       

Vanilla Halva
Cocoa Halva