Investor relations

Investor relations

Otmuchów Group companies, due to their long tradition, are companies that play very important roles in their local communities.

Social responsibility, understood above all as a good neighbourhood, involves supporting local initiatives for many years, supporting schools and other institutions, serving the community and taking care about employees and their families.

Sweets are not the product of first necessity, but for those who are under the care of Food Banks, whom the Group helps by giving sweets, cereals, snacks, their availability means more than for anyone who in doing the shopping can afford to buy chocolates or crisps.

Sweet treats become a real pleasure when you cannot afford them, because there are always more important needs.

An important part of the Group's corporate social responsibility is complying by all companies with the corporate governance rules. Financial transparency and respect for the law in any area of activity is the foundation of business integrity, not only in ZPC Otmuchów S.A. as a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Anyone who is a food manufacturer takes on the responsibility for health of its customers. High manufacturing standards, attention paid to raw materials used in production of each product, following the principles and requirements of professional standards for food producers - these elements also express Group's corporate social responsibility.

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